Always Aggressive Podcast | Season 2, Episode 11

Head coach Tony Ersland joins hosts Tanner Lipsett and Cory Palm to talk about the Big Ten releasing the 2021 schedule. The guys go through the nine-week slate, talk about the challenges or getting ready for an unprecedented season and discuss preseason rankings that saw seven Boilermakers get national attention.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - The first Always Aggressive Podcast of 2021 comes with a wonderful holiday present as the Big Ten released the 2021 schedule on New Year’s Eve and unveiled the nine dates for head coach Tony Ersland and the Boilermakers. Ersland and co-hosts Cory Palm and Tanner Lipsett walk through the schedule, talk challenges of the pending season and take a look at some of the team’s preseason rankings. 
With the Boilermakers set to start competing in just over a week, Ersland dives into the team’s five duals and two tri-duals for the regular season, specifically commenting on how the structure of the slate worked out. 
When asked if he has ever had a season this tough to prepare for, Ersland had a very simple answer: “No.” They look at some of the challenges coming at them this season and how every member of the Purdue roster will need to be ready to go this year. 
Purdue has seven individuals with preseason rankings this season, headlined by senior Devin Schroder and sophomore Kendall Coleman. Ersland talks through what preseason rankings mean and how they are viewed by his team. 
Finally with the recently published documentary film of Dan Gable, Palm and Lipsett take a moment to look at Ersland’s cameo appearances and some of the odd behavior of wrestlers. 
0:00 - B1G Schedule is here!
21:05 - Season Challenges
27:34 - Preseason Rankings
36:30 - Ersland's Famous Blue Garments