Always Aggressive Podcast | Season 3, Episode 1

Coach Tony Ersland joins hosts Tanner Lipsett and Cory Palm to take a DEEP dive into the results from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, what the success of USA Wrestling can mean for the sport in America and the experience Coach Ersland has working with champions and medalists on the Olympic and World Championship level.
Purdue wrestling head coach Tony Ersland, Tanner Lipsett and Cory Palm are back, opening the 2021-22 academic year with Season Three of the Always Aggressive Podcast. The guys take a deep dive into the 2021 Olympic wrestling performance in Tokyo, honoring the many successful efforts by the Americans and several of the other individuals around the sport that made their achievements possible. 
Having coached several wrestlers who have had success on the Olympic and World Championship stages, Ersland has valuable insight on the journey and experiences of those who brought home medals from Japan. While the masses simply get to watch the handful of matches that are wrestled on television, Ersland looks into the four-year cycle and the lifetime of preparation that goes into those moments. 
In typical fashion, the show closes with a pop culture question that pits Lipsett and Palm on opposite sides, while Ersland stays out of the fray. 
0:00 - Season Three begins with the Olympics
2:57 - Women's Results
7:27 - Boilermaker in Tokyo
9:20 - Is this the launching pad for women’s wrestling?
12:15 - Greco
16:30 - Snoop & Kevin do Greco
17:50 - Ersland, Olympic junkie
18:30 - Freestyle
27:25 - Most Impressive Performance?
30:15 - Olympic commentators
37:40 - Coaching Olympic/World Champions
40:00 - Hat tip to the coaches
44:35 - The Black Album?