Always Aggressive Podcast | Season 3, Episode 18

Head coach Tony Ersland joins hosts Tanner Lipsett and Cory Palm to discuss NCAA Bid Allocations and Big Ten Championships Pre-Seeds. The guys also preview this weekend's conference championship event in Lincoln, Neb.
The 2022 wrestling postseason is here and the Always Aggressive Podcast dives into everything you need to know about the Boilermakers heading into this weekend’s Big Ten Championships. 
Head coach Tony Ersland takes a deep dive into the 88 NCAA Allocations for the Big Ten, in addition to Purdue’s pre-seeds for this weekend’s conference tournament in Lincoln, Nebraska. Seven Boilermakers earned bids for the conference, securing top-33 ranks in both the coaches panel and RPI, and all 10 aim to grab automatic qualifying bids. 
The first of four sessions will begin Saturday, March 5, at 11 a.m. ET, with full event coverage on the Big Ten Network and B1G+.
0:00 – The postseason is HERE
4:25 – NCAA Allocations
17:05 – B1G Pre Seeds
40:35 – Perspective/Nothing to Lose
45:30 – The Puppy Who Lost His Way…