Always Aggressive Podcast | Season 4, Episode 7

The Always Aggressive crew is back with another episode as the team prepares for a big weekend hosting the Boilermaker Duals. Head coach Tony Ersland recappped the dual with Rider and what lessons the team can learn in the face of adversity. Among the good news is that Esland's squad won't have to wait long for a chance to bounce back as they take on Cleveland State, Chattanooga and Northern Illinois on Sunday morning. The crew breaks down what to expect and what familiar faces we will see roaming the opposing bench. They wrap up the podcast with some recruiting talk as the big haul from from last week's signing day might not be the end of the good news for Boilermaker wrestling fans. "The future for this group is getting brighter and brighter," Ersland said of this class and those to come. Exciting things on the horizon for Purdue wrestling.